Hints & Help

It is important you use your own words when writing but here are some points worth making.

  • Tell your MP the law should be limited to those inciting violence and should require a criminal standard of proof.
  • Explain why you think this legislation is a danger to civil liberties and will have a chilling effect on free speech.
  • Ask your MP to raise your concerns with the Government.
  • Include your full name and address in your email or letter so your MP can verify that you are a constituent.

Some other things worth considering:

  • EDOs are not required – there are lots of existing laws that can be used to tackle genuine extremism.
  • No one in the Government has been able to provide examples of speech that is currently lawful and deserves to be outlawed by EDOs.
  • Criminalising ordinary people by branding them extremists is wrong.
  • The definition of what is extreme and therefore who is an extremist should not apply to people just because they have traditional, challenging or unpopular views.
  • Ask why no one has thought about the risk from over-zealous state officials or police officers who could easily seek an EDO to silence inconvenient or unfashionable opinions.