‘Extremism’ in the party manifestos

26th November 2019

What do the party manifestos say about extremism? Defend Free Speech takes a look.

Conservative manifesto

“We will combat extremism and do all we can to ensure that extremists never receive public money.” (p19)

“We will ensure that those who work in countering extremism are protected from threats and intimidation.” (p20)

“We will stand against terrorism and extremism around the world.” (p53)

Labour manifesto

Labour will “Seek to end the politics of hate and commission an independent review into the threat of far-right extremism and how to tackle it.” (p67)

“Labour will take all lawful action necessary to counter and confront all forms of terrorism, and we will advocate a long-term multinational political strategy, led by regional actors, to tackle the spread of extremism.” (p99)

Liberal Democrats manifesto

The Lib Dems will “Work with international partners to tackle violent extremism, paying special attention to UK citizens who have fought overseas for terrorist organisations who may become significant sources of terrorist activity if they return to Britain.” (p90)

Scottish National Party manifesto

“SNP MPs will demand…New standards and measures to be put in place so social media, gaming and technology organisations protect their users fully including having a statutory duty of care and mandatory obligations to tackle unsuitable content that can lead to self-harm and suicide, sexual exploitation, grooming, abuse and extremism.” (p28)

Other parties

The Green Party, Brexit Party and Plaid Cymru General Election policies do not mention the terms ‘extremism’ or ‘extremist’.